Maura Eaton, PT, DPT

Chair, Early Professional SIG


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Early Professional SIG

The Early Professional Special Interest Group (EPSIG) is a group for students and Early Professionals within years 0-5 of practice. This group acts as a resource for these individuals as they begin their careers. We offer a variety of different types of events, talks, and resources which serve to help students and early professionals navigate through their clinical questions, student loans, job searches, career prospects and many more. We offer mentorship opportunities as well as social events that encourage these members to acclimate with both the APTA of MA and PT community as a whole!

  • We are looking for more leaders to join our team in order to plan successful events! We are also looking for a group of individuals that will serve on a committee within the EPSIG to assist in running the Mentorship Program.

Hai Wei Wang, PT, DPT

Chair, Geriatrics SIG

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  • Vice Chair:  Tara Maroney, PT, DPT, 
  • Communication Chair:  Kara Healy, PT, DPT
  • Education Chair: Francine Quianzon, PT, DPT

Geriatrics SIG

The Geriatric Special Interest Group (GSIG) of the APTA MA works to promote/support physical therapists’ and physical therapist assistants’ professional development in the field of geriatric physical therapy, promote evidence-based physical therapy practice and foster volunteer service to benefit the older adults of MA

The GSIG would love our fellow colleagues to volunteer and help us plan and facilitate educational meetings, community events and advocacy efforts. We have plenty of ways for you to participate whether you have a small amount of time or would like to volunteer for a larger commitment. We are open to new ideas and would love your input on how the GSIG can best serve our membership. If you have any questions or would like to connect and share your ideas, please reach out to Dana using the link to the left.



Chair, Manual Therapy SIG


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Manual Therapy

The Manual Therapy SIG provides a forum for APTA of MA members and our colleagues in the PT community who have a shared interest in sharpening their knowledge and abilities, and supporting the delivery of manual therapy interventions by skilled physical therapists in the Commonwealth. We pursue this mission through highly accessible educational programming, networking, resource sharing, and advocacy.

  • We encourage all APTA of MA members to participate in our SIG, including those with an interest in the application of manual techniques to non-orthopedic patient populations. The SIG has a need for forward-thinking future leaders and volunteers willing to participate in the organization and promotion of educational programming.
  • The SIG is able to offer support in the form of remote teaching technologies, access to educational materials, and summary reports of activities and presentations at national conferences. Help is sought from members of the PT community capable of increasing our profile and expanding our network, including the number and diversity of our educational presenters and administrative leadership.

Patricia Rae, PT, DPT

Chair, Neurologic SIG


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Neurologic SIG

The Neurologic Special Interest Group is designed to provide opportunities for members who share a specific professional interest with neurologic rehabilitation through educational programming, networking and resource sharing. Clinically relevant programming is offered supporting evidence-based practice, while fostering discussions of interpretations and clinical experiences. We also offer mentorship and leadership opportunities, and encourage licensed PTs/PTAs and students to engage with the Neuro SIG.

  • We are looking for members interested in getting more involved with the Neuro SIG. Specifically, we are seeking leaders to serve on sub-committees with focus on coordinating educational programs, community engagement and social events.

David Nolan, PT, DPT, MS, OCS, SCS, CSCS

Chair, Orthopedic SIG

Dr. Nolan is an Associate Clinical Professor at Northeastern University in the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences. David is also a Clinical Specialist at the MGH Sports Physical Therapy Service and the Director of the MGH / Northeastern University Sports Physical Therapy Residency Program. Dr. Nolan has been a member of APTA for over twenty years. At the National level he is active in the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy Specialization SIG and has served the Academy of Education as the Residency and Fellowship Education SIG Membership Secretary since 2019.

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Orthopedic SIG Leadership:
Vice Chair: Trevor Winnegge, PT, DPT,  Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy
Communication Chair: Katherine Tarantino, PT, DPT, SCS
Education Chair: Ashley Wiater, PT, DPT, SCS

Orthopedic SIG

The Orthopedic Special Interest Group is designed to provide opportunities for members who share a specific professional interest in orthopedics through educational programming, networking and resource sharing. Clinically relevant programming is offered supporting evidence-based practice while fostering engagement in the profession.

  • We are currently looking for PTs, PTAs, and students with an interest in promoting the mission of the Orthopedic SIG. We are in need of committee members to assist with planning education programming and social/networking events. This is a great opportunity to engage with APTAMA.

Lincoln Lawrence, PT, DPT
Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Chair, Pain SIG

Dr. Lincoln Lawrence graduated from the MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2016 after changing careers from research administration . Lincoln currently works for VA Boston Healthcare at the West Roxbury Campus, where he practices in aquatic therapy, emergency medicine physical therapy, spinal cord injury, orthopedics, chronic pain, and as a member of the hospital’s Interdisciplinary Pain Clinic. Lincoln is a co-founder of the Pain Sig with Vice Chair Chris Joyce and was recently elected to the position of Treasurer for the APTA MA. In addition to clinical care, Lincoln has been active as a lab instructor for both the MGH Institute of Health Professions and more recently Northeastern University. Outside of work Lincoln enjoys cooking, traveling, building, learning, and spending time with friends and family.

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Vice-Chair: Chris Joyce, PT, DPT, PhD 
Board Certified Sports Clinical Specialist
Communication Chair – Open and available!
Education Chair – Open  and available!

Pain SIG

It is the Mission of the APTA MA Pain SIG is to enhance the ability to diagnose and treat pain disorders through scientific reasoning, ultimately enhancing the lives of patients.  The APTA Pain SIG provides a community for knowledge sharing and open dialogue in the area of pain science that will foster clinical and professional growth for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants.
  • What we need: We are looking for members interested in getting more involved with the Pain SIG. Specifically, we are seeking members to review and disseminate evidence based pain literature and engage in our social media community to facilitate the building of a network of high quality pain clinicians.
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Beth Currier PT, DSc, Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Pediatric Physical Therapy

Chair, Pediatric Special Interest Group,

Beth has been actively involved with the APTA MA Pediatric SIG for several year.

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  • Vice Chair: Arielle Venne, PT, DPT
  • Education Chair: Jo-Ann Hutchinson
  • Communication Chair: Tamara Alie, PT, DPT
  • Ellen Brennan, Mass. State Pediatric Advocacy Liaison, APPT

Pediatric SIG

The purpose of the PSIG is to provide a forum for APTAMA members who have a common interest in pediatric physical therapy. We seek to inspire, engage and empower pediatric physical therapists and physical therapy assistants within the state to provide exceptional, evidence-based services for children and their families. We do this through educational programming, networking, resource sharing and advocacy. 

  •  We encourage APTAMA members to sign up for our SIG, including those who wish to connect with PTs/PTAs in all areas of pediatric practice; those who may have an interest in a future leadership role with the PSIG; and those with an interest in social media.
  • Previous educational programs have included the following: Congenital Muscular Torticollis Clinical Practice Guidelines, Highlights of CSM, Creative Yoga and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, School-based physical therapy service delivery during COVID-19.
  • Looking for School-Based Medicaid Program Update for OT, PT, & SLP updates? View them on our Member Resources Page.

Deborah Sharland, BS, PTA

Chair, Physical Therapist Assistant SIG

Deborah has been an active member of the APTA since 2015 and has been a leader in the PTA SIG for 2 years. She was inspired to acquire a role in leadership after recognizing the need for advocacy within the PT profession. Her vision for the PTA SIG involves PTAs and PTs across Massachusetts networking, sharing experiences, clinical knowledge and supporting each other, especially in these challenging times. Deborah has six years of clinical experience treating pediatric, adult and geriatric populations along with a wealth of research, business and networking skills. Her work for the Marcus Institute of Research and Education Resources, Inc., brings the most recent evidence-based research to the PTA SIG of Massachusetts.

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Vice Chair: Kristina Grinovich, PTA
Education Chair: Leesa Bleiken, BS, PTA, CYT
Communication Chair: open

Physical Therapist Assistant SIG

The PTA SIG supports PTAs across the state by providing education, advocacy and resources.  We connect PTAs and PTs through biannual networking and educational events. 

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