Changes in Rules and Regulations from the Board of Allied Health


The APTAMA has learned that in December, the Board of Allied Health adopted changes to their rules and regulations that impact the practice of physical therapy in Massachusetts.  One change we'd like to bring to your attention immediately is regarding the need to include PT license number with signature and credentials when signing documentation.  The language reads as follows:
259 CMR 5.03
4) A physical therapist, physical therapist student, physical therapist assistant and physical therapist assistant student providing physical therapy intervention(s) shall legibly document, date, and authenticate all care that is provided:
(a) Using their name as appearing on their professional license or legal name if a student;
(b) Professional designation as outlined in 259 CMR 5.04; and  
(c)  Their license number if applicable.
Note:  It is our belief that "if applicable" in (c) is in regards to the fact that PT students do not have license numbers, but are still subject to the remaining requirements.
It is the position of the APTAMA that the following is true:
  • Physical Therapists need to sign their name, PT, & license #.    
  • Physical Therapist Assistants need to sign their name, PTA, & license #
  • PT students sign PT/s and then have their notes co-signed by the supervising licensed provider
  • PTA students sign PTA/s and have their notes co-signed by the supervising licensed provider
  • Candidates for licensure sign PT/c or PTA/c and also have their notes cosigned by the supervising licensed provider

Please see CMR 5.04

The direct link to this language is:

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