Event planning:

For any  SIG or District event, please complete the event form below.  Event postings and registration will be set up on TUESDAY of each week. Emails and social media posts will be scheduled at this time. Timing of email scheduling will be on a priority basis. Submitting an event in a short time line or submitting more info after the event is posted is not a priority.

We strongly encourage that you offer a virtual option.  A Zoom account is available for APTA MA events.

Please be sure to check the Chapter Events calendar to be sure you aren't overlapping with another SIG or Chapter event.  SIG chairs may reserve a date through the Board Basecamp calendar.  

Once the form is submitted, the office receives an email confirmation.

Note: Educational events should not be planned one month prior to and after the Annual Conference.

Click here for more detailed info on the process


Events that are educational and provide food (other costs) should have a registration fee.  Non members rates must be higher than member rates.

Minimum charges for a 2 hour SIG event (in person and virtual):
Member: $15
Non Member: $30
Student: $10


Please make every effort to secure a free location for an event.  Large clinics, hospital auditoriums and colleges are great places to start.
Any communication with a hotel or other contracted facility must be cleared through the office.  Never sign a contract on the behalf of the association.
Please describe parking options.  We also encourage that you include other transportation options: train, bus, bike route.

Guidelines for in person events as of November 2022


For events - the office will send out 2 emails for each event.  One will go to all members and a second to specialty groups.  If attendance is low, another email can be sent.  If someone in your group has been trained in Hubspot and would like to draft an email, please contact the office for review and scheduling.  Events will also be posted on the Chapter's Facebook and Twitter account.  In most cases, a Facebook event will be set up.

Social Media - if your SIG or district sets up a Facebook account, please make the office aware.  In your social media, you may NOT place job postings as we are contracted with a third part career center for any job postings.  We also recommend that you don't post educational events as they may compete with APTAMA events. Please be mindful that you are representing the chapter with any postings.

Basecamp - this is a project based communication platform that all groups are encouraged to use.  It will help in communicating with your group, storing files and planning.  Please contact the office for assistance with this.

Bring an Ipad or laptop to a meeting: this is an easy way to get members to sign up for something before they go home and forget.  You can also display information on our website or the APTA website.

Certificate of Completion for contact hours

Each SIG course will be submitted for an internal review for continued competency.  Please complete all parts of the event management form for internal submission.  For virtual courses, a post quiz is required for attendees to complete to receive certificate.

The office will submit the course for internal review.

Day of event requirements for certificate distribution: please review this procedure

Event Sponsorship

Policy included in Event Management Form below


For all reimbursements, please complete this form and submit with copies / scans / pictures of the receipt to treasurer@aptaofma.org.
Please be sure to complete the form and it is clear what the event and reimbursement is for.
Include the mailing address for the check to be sent.
Reimbursements are handled approximately at the middle of the month.


Please find the following in the APTA Communities: Massachusetts Members:

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Procedures for Basecamp Calendar and Website Calendar for all events and meetings


Other policies


SIG Elections:  
SIG elections are the responsibility of the SIGs not the Chapter Nominating Committee.  SIGs may run their elections either at a SIG business meeting or through the Chapter electronic ballot.

What positions are on your ballot?  Each SIG has approx. 4 positions. Each with 2 year terms.  These positions should be staggered.  2 in one election and the other 2 in the next (this is typical but refer to your bylaws).  For each election year, the positions to be voted on were on the ballot 2 years ago.
Some of your positions may have vacancies.  If a position isn't up for election this year and there is a vacancy, the SIG Board can appoint a person to the position (again, refer to your bylaws). 
As a chapter, we recognize the even / odd year as when the election (and voting) takes place, not the term start.  Much like a national or local election.  For example, the 2020 election elected someone to take office in 2021.


Event Planning Form.  Please complete and then hit submit