Educational Programs, Case Studies, Research Presentation

The APTAMA is issuing a call for proposals for educational sessions, case presentations, posters and platforms for our Annual Conference with the theme of #ChoosePT on October 28th 2017 at Norwood Sheraton Four Points. 

Proposals will be accepted until midnight on May 16th, 2017. 

We invite anyone interested in sharing their expertise and clinical experiences with their colleagues and students to consider submitting a proposal. Proposals should support the #ChoosePT theme by demonstrating the value of Physical Therapy as a leading profession in the healthcare market place and in community lifestyle health. Proposals can further demonstrate how Physical Therapy serves as a highly-effective, low cost, low side effect alternative to medications and other costly treatments.   

Areas that may support this theme include: 

  • Clinical Interventions and applications 
  • Community or population impact 
  • Service delivery models 
  • PT cost and value 
  • Opportunities for collaboration  
  • Wellness/prevention strategies  

Proposals formats being accepted include:  

Educational Presentations: Presentations designed to enhance participants’ knowledge regarding a topic related to PT. This can include a lab portion.  Presenters of educational programs of 60 minutes or greater will be provided with up to 2 free conference registrations (or the equivelent split among >2 presenters). Honorariums will not be provided. 

Case Study Presentations:  A real life patient scenario is presented in 30 minutes.  It is an intensive analysis of a patient interaction providing participants with realistic, complex and contextually rich situations.  

Research Presentation (Platforms):  An oral presentation of a research project or paper, special interest topic or patient case in a 15-minute presentation.     

Research Presentation (Posters): A Visual report highlighting: research projects, patient cases or other PT related projects. Posters will be displayed during an unopposed vendor and poster time lasting 1 hour.