A great deal of the work of the APTA of MA is achieved through the hard work of our volunteer Committee leaders and members.  We hope you'll look at our standing committees and other projects to see if there is a place for you to lend your talents to the profession.




APTAMA Committees and Leadership


Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee of the APTA of MA is responsible for the organization of the chapter’s annual fall conference. The committee uses a blinded submission based call for educational and research based programming to structure the clinical content of the conference. In addition, the committee supports the chapter’s district programming as needed to promote educational initiatives at the local level. 


Programming Chair:

Debra Bangs



Ann Golub-Victor

Arlette Frederick

Eric Folmar

Marie Corkery

Michael Orpin

Tracey Brudvig


Marketing Chair:

Tim Dreher



Tara Maroney

Sponsorship Chair:



Mike Severo

Scott Hebert


Bylaws Committee

It is the responsibility of this committee to review the Bylaws for the purpose of considering any additions and/or revisions, which may be deemed necessary and advisable by the Board. The committee is charged with preparing and revising the Bylaws, which shall provide the Organization members with a detailed guideline for the accomplishment of their responsibilities, proper protocol, suggested methods and standard operating procedures.



Jane Baldwin




Kate Hamilton

Finance Committee

This Committee shall:

  • Advise the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the Chapter’s financial needs, growth, and stability based on periodic review of income, expenditure, and investments.
  • Present an annual budget to the Board of Directors for approval.
  • Perform other related duties as requested by the Board of Directors.



Leigh DeChaves


Kyle Rodenhi, Treasurer

Joan Casby

George Coggeshall

 Marco Volpe


Membership Committee

The committee will track and monitor membership trends within the component and work to incorporate awareness, recruitment, engagement, renewal, and reinstatement messages in print, electronic distribution, and via the component’s Web site.


  • Coordinate activities of the Membership Development Committee within your component;

  • Recruit, train, orient, and energize the Membership Development Committee.

  • Develop and implement a Membership Development Plan for Chapter/Section;

  • Track and monitor membership trends within your component;

  • Identify target groups to initiate at least one membership drive per year to

    recruit, retain, or engage members;

  • Work with component executive office to track and acknowledge new,

    renewing, and lapsed members;

  • Collaborate with APTA’s Membership Development Department. 



Mary Kate Murray

Board Liaison:

Lindsey Van der Dungan


Ryan Hebert



Nominating Committee

This committee shall in addition to other duties directed by the executive committee:

  • Prepare a ballot for each Chapter election.
  • Prepare a list of suggested candidates for National Office.
  •  Prepare a list of suggested candidates for Chapter and Association Honors
  • Solicit nominees for the Board of Allied Health Professions.
  • Prepare an annual report to the Board of Directors.
  • Communicate with District Nominating Chairs to foster and solicit district members for service.



Reg Wilcox


Audra Wallace

 Tricia Healy

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy committee serves as the Chapters leaders in advocating for our clients and profession, ensuring that PTs and PTAs have a voice in the changing Healthcare Arena, and effecting positive changes for improved access to Physical Therapy care for persons of the Commonwealth.


Payment Chair:  Paul Glynn

Federal Affairs Liaison: Janice Caci

Legislative Chair: Kathy Shillue

Ethics Chair: Patricia Mechan

PAC Chair: Judy Hershberg

Project Leads:

ATC scope of practice: Maegan Brady and Kevin Flaherty

Concussions: Jackie Lussier

Pediatric Plan of Care: Mary Zupkus

Dry Needling: Jessica & Alex McKinney

ACO/Any Willing Provider: James Casady



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