Assembly of Representatives

The Assembly of Representatives is the governing body of APTA of MA.  Much like APTA's House of Delegates, the Assembly of Representatives conducts the business of the Chapter.  The Assembly is made up of representatives from each District, the Chief Representative from the District and the Executive Committee of the Chapter's Board of Directors.  The District Assembly Representatives are elected, by each District, to represent their District’s members at Massachusetts Assembly of Representatives meetings.  They are your local elected officials.  During the meeting, the Assembly Representatives sit together according to the District they represent.  There is a gallery at the back of the room where you, as a Chapter Member, can observe the meeting's activities.

Visit your Districts section for more information on your Assembly Representatives.

Speaker of the Assembly
Vice President of the MA Chapter of the APTA
Term Expires: 12/31/2018
 For more information about Assembly Goals and Objectives, Policies, Assembly Documents and Job Descriptions please login to the Members Only Area.
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