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 The APTA of MA Chapter and District Nominating Committees encourage as many APTA of MA members as possible to actively participate in a variety of elected or appointed positions, at both the district and chapter level.

The Nomination/Recommendation/Consent to Serve Form should be used to nominate yourself or to recommend APTA members, who you believe would make a positive contribution to the chapter by serving at either the state or district level.

The nomination process is the initial step toward expanding APTA of MA's potential leadership pool. All Nomination/Recommendation Forms should be submitted to the chapter office.

We encourage all members nominated to seize the opportunity to assist the APTA of MA in strengthening its leadership by committing their time and sharing their expertise, and to become part of the decision-making process as a leader in the chapter.

The candidate position statements will be published on APTA of MA's website at the close of nominations. The website is a vehicle for the members to learn more about one another, and to assist them in making an informed decision about who our leaders should be, and the future of our chapter.


Chapter Positions Open for Election

President Elect (one year term)
Vice President
Chief Delegate
Delegate at Large (2)
PTA Caucus Representative
Nominating Committee



Central District Delegate
Central District PT/PTA Assembly Representatives
Northern Metro Chief Assembly Representative
Northern Metro District PT/PTA Assembly Representatives
Southern Metro District Delegate
Southern Metro District PT/PTA Assembly Representatives
Southeastern Chief Assembly Representative
Southeastern District PT/PTA Assembly Representatives
Western Chief Assembly Representative
Western District PT/PTA Assembly Representatives


Special Interest Groups

Cardiovascular Chair
Cardiovascular Vice Chair
Geriatric Chair
Geriatric Secretary
Manual Therapy Chair
Manual Therapy Secretary
Neurology Chair
Neurology Secretary
Pediatric Vice Chair
Pediatric Treasurer
Private Practice Treasurer
Private Practice Secretary
Private Practice Nominating
PTA Chair
PTA Secretary
Shoulder Chair
Shoulder Secretary
Student Chair
Student Co Chair (2 elected)



Click here for job descriptions

 All candidates must submit a current CV to aptama@libertysquaregroup.com

Below is the online nomination / consent form for the Nominating Committee.  Scroll down with your mouse hovering over the form.  If you are having difficulties, please contact Tamara:  tamara@libertysquaregroup.com


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