MA-PT-PAC is the sole fundraising organization that provides access to and influence of legislators to champion PT legislative interests at the state level.  

PT-PAC: A Muscle We Never Learned About In School 

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MA-PT-PAC is Essential for PT in Massachusetts

Do you feel secure that state and federal laws will continue to allow you to practice physical therapy to the fullest extent of your education and experience?  Are you comfortable that our profession will continue to thrive and provide the best care to those patients who seek our support?  If you are like most of us, the answer to both these questions is a resounding "No."

You can be sure the debate about health care delivery will continue in earnest in Massachusetts.  As a state, we will once again lead the nation in health policy reform efforts.  If we are not involved and engaged in these efforts, we risk being left behind.  That doesn't just impact us, but also those patients we know we can serve effectively.

As PT professionals, we cannot afford to sit on our hands and hope the outcomes are positive for our patients and our profession. Get involved in MA-PT-PAC and learn how you can make a difference in health policy reform in Massachusetts.

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