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There are numerous ways for physical therapist and physical therapist assistant students to get involved in APTAMA. See the Tabs to the left and links below.


APTAMA Student

Special Interest Group


The purpose of the Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) is to provide a means by which student members and student affiliates, hereinafter referred to as students, having a common interest because of their class membership, may meet, confer, and promote the interests of their school, their membership classes, the Chapter, and the Association. 

Click here for a handout that summarizes the key points of the APTAMA Student SIG

Executive Board




Every PT/PTA student that is an APTA of Massachusetts Member is therefore a member of the APTA of Massachusetts SSIG.  To participate, simply attend a meeting, event, or contact the SSIG leaders above.  As a member, any individual may run for an elected SSIG Executive Board Position.  Elections are typically held every January.

Student Special Interest Group Events

Both APTA of MA members and non-members can attend each meeting of the Student Special Interest Group.  For more information about Student Special Interest Group events, please refer to the calendar of Chapter Events under the "About Us" tab.

Group Communication

Connect with us!

Facebook: APTA of Massachusetts Student SIG

Instagram: aptaofmastudentsig



Other ways to get involved!

Student Membership
Not a member of APTA? Join today, for your present and your future.

Get involved with the SSIG of MA for local and national opportunities. 

Contact Student SIG Chair, Michael Chiauzzi to get involved now!

Attend Chapter Events

Network at social events and APTA of MA on Tap events, expand your knowledge at one of many SIG meetings.

MA Assembly of Representatives

Fill a Student Assembly Representative position and have input into the Chapter's decisions or just come join to observe

The Loop
The Loop is a student-led movement dedicated to keeping you involved in your student years.

Student Assembly
Are you a member of APTA? You're part of the Student Assembly.

Student Leadership
Represent your fellow students through various opportunities for leadership.

Core Ambassadors
Core Ambassadors (CAs) are the primary links between students in each state and the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD).


Check out the APTA's Current Student Page for more resources.


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