Request for Proposals (closed)

  • Education Sessions
  • Research (Posters and Platforms)

This conference will include pre-recorded and synchronous virtual sessions.
Education presentation time will be 60 or 90 minutes.
Research / case study presentation can be a poster or platform.

Application must be submitted through the proposal forms linked below.    

Proposals will be reviewed by APTA MA and APTA CT Annual Conference Committee members.

Have questions?

Contact Pam or Jay


Presenter (Educational Sessions) Agreement:

Please complete the speaker agreement below. 

Speaker Agreement

All presenters must complete this form to be added to the conference.   Further instructions will be given on how to register as a presenter.

Due Date:  September 1

Poster and Platform Agreement:

Please complete the agreement below:

Poster and Platform Presentation Agreement

All presenters must complete this form to be added to the conference.   Further instructions will be given on how to register. 

Due Date:  September 15

Conference platform

We are working with Jimmy McKay from PTPintcast to broadcast our conference and provide the conference landing page for registration and housing all recordings.

Registration:  if you are a Education Session presenter and would like to have access to the entire conference, please email Tamara directly with your name and email.

Demo Night for Live, Synchronous presenters

1. November 1 6-8 pm EST with @Jimmy McKay 
2. November 2 7-9 on EST with @Bridget Nolan 
Email Jimmy or Bridget on which session you plan to attend. 
You must have accessible wifi, a computer compatible with Streamyard and have 1-2 slides of their presentation to practice sharing their presentation.
Tamara will email you with more info on this.


Handouts and Powerpoint Template for Education Sessions                                                              

Please use this provided Powerpoint template for your presentation. Download this template onto your computer.


This powerpoint template should be used for all education sessions and platforms

If you plan to have handouts for attendees, please upload your handouts to this FOLDER 

Handout due date:  October 27

All handouts will be formatted to PDF prior to adding them into the virtual event platform.  

Preferred format for handouts:  3, 4 or 6 slides per page.  Black and white would be best for attendees to print out.  You can submit in either ppt or pdf.  All ppt will be converted to pdf.

Pre Recorded Sessions:

Please submit your video using this FOLDER  

Please name your file with your presentation title. 

Due Date: October 27

Recommendations for recording:

  • Please record your session using Zoom or any platform that you can save the video as a mp4.
  • The length of your presentation can be 60 - 90 minutes.
  • If possible, please use a headphone / mic as this provides a clearer audible.
  • You should have your camera on and “pin” your video box and share your Powerpoint on the screen.
  • Embedding outside videos can be tricky.  We can offer assistance if needed for quality of videos and sound.
  • Please be mindful  of background noise and activity.

All pre recordings will be reviewed for clarity prior to posting onto the virtual event platform.


The options are as follows: 

1.  Submit a PDF of poster for viewing – no presentation

2. Recorded presentation of poster:

  • 10 minute max presentation using Zoom, Prezi or voice over Powerpoint
  • If using a Powerpoint presentation, 6 slide max including a title slide
  • Please use the powerpoint template linked above
  • Convert to a MP4

Please submit to this FOLDER 

Due Date is October 27

Platforms (synchronous on November 13)

More info coming soon.  Your acceptance letter will indicate if your submission was chosen for a platform session.

Live Sessions

Presenters will be assigned a time for their presentation on November 13, 2021

We recommend the following 90 minute flow with all presentations:

- First few minutes will be introductions, sponsors
- 60 – 70 minutes presentation
- 15 minutes of questions
- 10 minutes of transition until the next 90 minute presentation block

More info to come

Please review the handout requirements if you plan to use handouts.